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Finishing Crate

  • Pig Finishing Crate

    Pig Finishing Crate

    Detail information of pig fatterning crates Introduction of pig farm finishing crates Pig Finishing Stall fatten crates are manufactured by adopting the overall hot dip galvanizing technology.They are internally and externally anti-corrosion.Connection points are not...Read More
  • Pig Fattening Crate

    Pig Fattening Crate

    Introduction of pig fattening crate 1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised 2.Tube fence. 3.For more than 40kgs pig using fattening crates . 4.Different feeder is available. 5.Easy to install,clean and disinfect,good enviroment for growing pigs. 6.We can...Read More
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