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Pig Flooring

  • Pig Cast Iron Floor

    Pig Cast Iron Floor

    Introduction of iron cast pig floor This high quality Cast iron flooring is suitable for using in farrowing pen. Feature of cast Iron pig flooring: 1. Strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break. 2. Each bar of our cast iron floor can bear 700kg of...Read More
  • BMC Pig Floor

    BMC Pig Floor

    Basic information fo BMC Floor for pig 1. Mainly for farrowing crate or piglets in the weaning crate 2. The main materil is PP, it is hard, can keep warm for the piglets and very easy to install. 3. We have many sizes for your choose, 500*600CM, 600*600CM, 400*600 CMRead More
  • Plastic Pig Floor

    Plastic Pig Floor

    Descreption of Plastic pig fllor This high quality plastic slatted flooring is suitable for using in flat decks and farrowing pen. It is suitable for piggy’s range of activities in pig sows, so that piggy is not easy to get sick.An individual layout is made possible by the...Read More
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