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Pig Farm Equipment

  • Pig Farrowing Crate

    Pig Farrowing Crate

    Introduction of Pig Farrowing Crate This farrowing crate was designed scientifically, it is easy to install, and can be suitable for all the farms in different size. It has been popular for so many years, and was proven by the farmers for its good functions. Accessoreis of...Read More
  • Farrowing Pen Pig Crate

    Farrowing Pen Pig Crate

    Production Description of pig farrowing crate 1. 2400mm x 1800x500mm; 2. φ32*2.5mm and φ26*2.5mm steel tube for sow stall; Hot dipped galvanized after welding. 3. Cast iron slat 600x600mm for sow; Plastic slat 600x 600mm for piglets; 4. Side wall is PVC panel, 30mmx500mm; 5....Read More
  • Pig Gestation Crate

    Pig Gestation Crate

    Production Descreption of Pig gestation stall The gestation stall(individual stall) is usually used for insemination or gestation sows. It can make the insemination easier, and can protect the gestation sows. Accessories of pig gestation stall Advantages of our pig farm stall...Read More
  • Pig Weaning Stall

    Pig Weaning Stall

    Base Information of pig weaning stall The wall of this pig weaning stall is the PVC board The wall of this weaning stall is hot-dip galvanized bar The wall could be the hot-dip galvanized bar or the PVC board. Customers can choose according their requirement. Hot-dip...Read More
  • Pig Finishing Crate

    Pig Finishing Crate

    Detail information of pig fatterning crates Introduction of pig farm finishing crates Pig Finishing Stall fatten crates are manufactured by adopting the overall hot dip galvanizing technology.They are internally and externally anti-corrosion.Connection points are not...Read More
  • Pig Cast Iron Floor

    Pig Cast Iron Floor

    Introduction of iron cast pig floor This high quality Cast iron flooring is suitable for using in farrowing pen. Feature of cast Iron pig flooring: 1. Strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break. 2. Each bar of our cast iron floor can bear 700kg of...Read More
  • Pig Gestation Stall

    Pig Gestation Stall

    Base Information of pig Gestation stallRead More
  • Piglets Nursery Crate

    Piglets Nursery Crate

    It adopts leakage dung plastic floor design; the floor supported by fiber glass beam. Product Description Piglets Nursery Crates Piglet nursery stall is a professional equipment for taking care of the piglets which are 35 days old and already weaned. The floor adopts plastic...Read More
  • Pig Fattening Crate

    Pig Fattening Crate

    Introduction of pig fattening crate 1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised 2.Tube fence. 3.For more than 40kgs pig using fattening crates . 4.Different feeder is available. 5.Easy to install,clean and disinfect,good enviroment for growing pigs. 6.We can...Read More
  • Plastic Pig Feeder

    Plastic Pig Feeder

    Detail information of Plastic pig feeder /trough Plastic Feeder For Pig Farming: 2.Material:PP, 304 stainless steel bag edges 3easy to clean Specification of Plastic Feeder For Pig Farming Advangtages of Pig farming trough Special stainless steel sheet protecting the edge...Read More
  • Pig Dry-wet Feeder

    Pig Dry-wet Feeder

    Introduction of pig farming dry/wet feeding trough The level of the health level, the humanization design of the trough, dry wet material separation trough provides a variety of feeding form. In particular, we designed a series of feeders for fattening pigs, with a durable...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Pig Feeder

    Stainless Steel Pig Feeder

    Discription of stainless steel pig feeder The new design of stainless steel single-sided feeder, the operation is more simple, more smooth. And can be adjusted from multiple angles. In addition to stainless steel double-sided feeder, there are stainless steel through long...Read More
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