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Treatment Equipment For Pig Farms
Jan 26, 2018

Pig manure treatment Equipment The following various pig manure treatment has the corresponding processing equipment:

① accumulation fermentation treatment. The feces and urine are collected separately, dry feces or half dry feces can be transported to the manure field or field for accumulating fermentation. This method has the advantages of simple equipment, low mechanization and labor efficiency, and poor sanitation in the field.

② precipitation purification treatment. The mixture of feces and flushing water is brought into the sedimentation tank by the piping system, the upper part of the pond has a faecal inlet and a urine overflow outlet, and the bottom is fitted with an seeping pipe. Feces is separated by gravity, the upper layer is clarified liquid, and the lower layer is sediment. The liquid overflows into the liquid storage tank, and the pump or irrigation facilities are introduced into the farmland for irrigation; This method is simple, but it covers a large area, has a long period of septic waste, and affects environmental sanitation.

③ aeration oxidation treatment. The feces is digested and decomposed under the action of aerobic bacteria. Processing equipment from two semicircular septic ditch, the middle of the ditch has a wall, not far from the entrance of the drum-shaped inverted liquid impeller, rotating constantly to fight the liquid surface, so that the feces and air contact, while the flow of fecal fluid circulation. Septic ditch treatment of feces first into the sedimentation tank, precipitation after the clarification of the liquid from the mouth, septic tanks in the dirt every year to clear 2~4 times.

④ Methane is treated (see biogas).

⑤ Mechanical dehydration treatment. Commonly used equipment have vibrating screen type, spiral compression type, centrifugal separation type and sieve belt compression type and so on. Among them, the Sieve belt compression stool treatment equipment is used more, by the feces pump, with the upper and lower pressure roll of the rotary screen and with inflatable turbine digestion pool. The fecal pump delivers the manure from the tank to the rotary screen, the liquid leakage sieving belt enters into the digestive pool through the catheter, the thicker excrement in the sieve belt presses the pressure roller to squeeze, further squeezes the liquid, after the compressed dry manure at one end of the sieve belt by the scraping excrement board delivers to the transportation vehicle to the field accumulation. The manure that enters the digestive pool is inflated and treated by an inflatable turbine, which is then fed into the field irrigation system by a dung pump or transported to the field by a septic tanker.