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The Target Planning Of The Dairy Cow's Horizontal Column In The Barn
Jan 26, 2018

Dairy cow crouching number goal planning: Through the whole day of the cow study found that cows usually have 10-14 hours/days in bed rest, when the cows lie down, the breast blood flow increased sharply, on the contrary, if the cows lie lying in the time is not enough, will affect the milk production of cows, but also increase the production of cow limb hoof disease. It is most appropriate for each cow to have a horizontal bar, although the cows will not rest together.

Problems related to bed rate of dairy cows: the establishment of the cow free crouching bar, is to provide a good place for the cow's tranquility, if there is a considerable part of the cows, choose to rest in the barn, such as the clear feces channel, feed channel, and not to rest on the cow bed, to seriously find reasons for the cause, First is the partition department plan size is fair, the cow sue activity is limited; the second is bed bedding material clean soft hardness; The cows lie down immediately before punching space and front of the forelimbs before the space, close the barn a single row of cattle tou space is not sufficient, cattle are all go to the angle, etc., can cause cows not to the rest of the reason for the bar.

Many foreign materials introduced, into the cow crouching cow head of the FireWire open type, horizontal bar length of 244cm, if closed or the line of fire for the wall, the length of the bar is 274cm, and practice has proved closed or in front of the wall, from the wall to the horizontal bar should also leave some space, otherwise it will affect the cow bed rate, because it is very simple, Because the front space is narrow, the air is not smooth, the local air quality to be greatly affected, the person facing the wall detention is a kind of punishment for wrong, the cow has not been wrong should not be punished. There is another sign in practice, North Winter, daytime outdoor temperature minus 15, open the barn to the activity field door, let the cow choose to rest on the stall in the barn, as usual to rest outside the outdoor activities, most cows choose to give out, this clarifies the sensitivity of the cow to air quality.

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