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The Development Process Of Mechanized Pig-raising
Jan 26, 2018

The development process of mechanized pig raising can be divided into 3 stages.

At first, part of the mechanization stage, that is, the pig production of individual links to the use of mechanical operations, but still need to be supplemented by a large number of manual labor, production of about 100 kilograms pork per 25~35 work.

To the mechanization stage, the main link of pig production is mainly mechanical operation, but also need to be supplemented by a small amount of manual labor, the natural environment also has a certain dependence on the production of 100 kilograms pork about the need to 12~19 work hours.

The factory stage makes the pig production have the characteristic of the industrial production, production process using mechanization, automation technology, can not be affected by the natural environment of the pig in the centralized production, the production chain has strict planning, water and rhythm, manual labor has been greatly reduced, the production of 100 kilograms pork about only need 1~2 work hours.