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Precautions For Cows In Bed
Jan 26, 2018

Cows in bed should have a comfortable, smooth surface, in order to lay a suitable bedding for the cows to rest. The area where the bedding is laid should be in contact with the protruding parts of the cow's knees, hips, chest and shoulders. In addition to avoiding cow injuries and making cows feel comfortable, it also requires the least amount of daily maintenance work required for the bed body.

Soil-filled bed beds require the most maintenance, because the movements of the cows when they stand up and lie down will loosen and sag the soil on the bed surface. The use of the material can not contain stones, stones are kicked into the passage will cause the hoof injury. Hard surfaces (such as concrete surfaces), although not hollowed out and sunken, are not comfortable enough and can increase the chances of a cow being injured.

Cement bed surface to be more strong, cement bed, easy to make breast injury. And after the use of a period of time because of wear and tear become smooth, easy to cause the cow slip, should be regularly maintained to do non-slip treatment.

Specially produced cow bed rubber mat, because of the new polymer materials, multi-layer structure, on the one hand easy to clear feces and urine, on the other hand can be insulated and moistureproof, is a foreign research, a variety of forming commercial products. The main disadvantage of rubber mattress is relatively high investment.