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Pigsty Is The Basic Production Unit Of Mechanized Pig Farm
Jan 26, 2018

The types of pigsty commonly used are the following:

① isolated feces-type pigsty. The lying and defecation areas are separated by partitions and equipped with movable doors that can be closed and closed. In the defecation area set water dispenser, usually open the door, the use of pigs only in the water when the habit of defecation urine, feces concentration in the defecation area, easy to clear. Closure of the movable door can make each pigsty of the defecation area connected to a channel, using the scraper to remove feces. This kind of pigsty can keep the lying area dry and clean, reduce the waste of feed, but because the defecate area is located in the Pig House, it is easy to cause the air pollution in the house, and the pig House ventilation should be strengthened.

② drains except feces type pigsty. Do not set the wall, but in the defecation area to set up feces ditch, with scraping dung board to remove feces. This is convenient for cleaning, which is helpful to improve labor efficiency.

③ part of the gap in the plate pigsty. In the defecation area set deep groove, in the ditch spread to the floor, ditch the feces and urine regularly washed away with water.

④ full gap floor pigsty. The floor of the pigsty will be paved with crevice floors, no lie lying in the area and defecation area. Therefore, the utilization rate of pig barns was improved. Crevice floor under the feces and urine in the ditch, regular water flushing. This kind of pigsty house humidity is bigger, air pollution is serious, use should have perfect ventilation system.

⑤ childbirth pigsty. The nursing equipment for sows and suckling piglets (Fig 1) consists of 3 parts: The middle part is the living area of sow childbirth and lactation, with limit frame; Piglets can be free to enter and out of the limit frame feeding. The front door of the limit frame is provided with sow feeding trough and water dispenser, and the back door is used for Sow's access and management personnel cleaning operation. The back of the pigsty is often paved with a crevice floor to exclude feces and dirt from the column. In the childbirth column also has the heating equipment, the commonly used has the infrared lamp, the resistance silk heater, the gas heater, the electric heating cushion and so on, also may use the underground hot water pipe to heat the ground. The feeding groove is arranged on one side of the piglet activity area and the water dispenser is arranged on the other side of the slit floor. Feeding equipment suitable for dry materials, wet materials and thinner feed feeding machinery has screw conveyor, reciprocating scraper plate, ring scraper, ring chain plate and thin feed pipe conveyor type, in addition to automatic feeding trough and a variety of feed vehicles.