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Lean Feed Pipe Feeding Equipment
Jan 26, 2018

The feeding equipment of dilute feed pipeline mainly includes material box, tap, feeding pump, mixer, conveying pipeline, distributing valve and other ancillary equipment. When working, add water to the stirring pool first, and the amount of water per batch is about the 70~80% of the stirring tank volume, then, open the ingredients in the bottom of the material box and screw the ingredients, and then stir the mixer feed. A good mix of dilute feed from the feeding pump into the feeding pipeline, to feed out of the mouth when feeding out, close the return valve and open the manual valve, feed is discharged into the feeding trough and start feeding. After feeding, the feed pump can be supplied with water, and the residue in the pipeline will be recycled into the stirring pool for the next feeding, and the pipeline should be cleaned. The feeding vehicle is a movable feeding device. Have track pin type, cable type, battery type, and many other types. Rail PIN Type feeder is a limited feeding equipment, when the feeding vehicle in the pig in the track, from the rack-shaped pin to pull the car installed on the pin wheel, every time, that is, a certain amount of feed. The cable type feeding vehicle Adjusts the feeding quantity by changing the walking speed. The battery feeding vehicle is charged by the automatic charging device at the end of the trip, and the car is equipped with a quick scale.

Automatic drinking fountains commonly used automatic drinking fountains have 3 types: ① duck mouth type water dispenser. The shape of the duck mouth, by the water dispenser body, valve stem, spring, rubber valve, and other components. The valve stem presses the rubber valve under the spring action, thus tightly closes the flow exit. When the pig drinking water bites the stem, the water passes through the gap of the rubber valve seal to the mouth of the duck tip into the pig's mouth. When the pig's mouth loosens the stem, the spring causes the stem to be reset, and the sealing gasket will clog the outlet hole and stop the water supply. ② Cup type drinking water cooler. It consists of a water cup and a spring valve body. Pig water when the arch plate, pressure plate to promote the valve, water from the water pipe into the cup for pigs to drink. After drinking water, the plate is reset under the action of spring, cut off waterway and stop water supply. ③ Nipple type Water cooler. By the water dispenser body, stem, steel ball and filter network, etc. When drinking water, the pig mouth pushes the stem to top up the steel ball, water from the steel ball and water dispenser between the gap outflow, for pigs to drink. After drinking the steel ball and stem by self repeat bit, at the same time under the pressure of close close flow of water exports. In order to avoid impurities into the water dispenser, often in the entrance to the drinking water filter to ensure that the water cooler work. In addition to feces equipment commonly used in addition to feces forklift, reciprocating scraper-type equipment, such as water flushing equipment and other feces. The feces removal forklift is suitable for the removal of feces from fecal or fecal area passages. The reciprocating scraper equipment is usually installed in the stool channel of the pigsty, or in the feces and urine ditch under the slit-type floor, consisting mainly of the motor, the driving wheel, the steering pulley, the steel cable and a number of frames fitted with the scraper. When working, the frame is reciprocating: when the work stroke, the feces of the feces will be pushed forward and fed into the waste pit at one end of the pig's mouth. The water flushing equipment has the gate type, the artesian type and the tipping-type and so on, is suitable for the pig farm which has the excrement purification treatment facility or the biogas occurrence facility.