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How To Design A Pigsty?
Jan 26, 2018

Public pigsty: According to each column Feed 1 boar design. General column of high 1.2~1.4 meters, covers an area of 6~7 square meters, highly intensive and factory-style pig, male, sow with the house.

Group of adoptive mother Pigsty: usually 6~8 head sows occupy a pigsty, the column height is about 1.0 meters, each head needs the area 1.2~1.6 square meters.

Single SOW column: Each column feeds 1 sows, the bar length 2.0~2.3 meters, the column height 1.0 meters, the column width 0.6~0.7 meters.

Sow childbirth column: mainly by sow limit frame, piglet fence, piglet incubator and net-bed four parts. Sow limit frame long 2.0~2.3 meters, wide 0.6~0.7 meters, high 1.0 meters, the length of the pig fence and sow limit the same, wide 1.7~1.8 meters, high 0.5~0.6 meters, piglet incubator is a concrete precast, FRP or other with high-strength insulation materials, Separated from the specific position of the piglet fence area. Conservation bar: Metal-woven leaky floor nets, fences, automatic feeding trough, connecting cards, drinking fountains, legs and other components, according to each childcare needs of the net-bed area 0.3~0.35 square meters design, column height of 0.7 meters.

Growth bar and fattening column: Generally on the ground, the floor of the ground laying local leakage or metal leakage of the floor, the bar has a metal blue and solid-type two structures. The General Growth column high 0.8~0.9 meters, fattening bar high 0.9~1.0 meters, the area of growth of the pigsty per head 0.5~0.6 square meters, the fertile bar per head 0.8~1.0 square meter.