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What is the scientific and rational way to build a pig farm?
Jan 26, 2018

As the saying goes, "everything begins hard." For pig farmers, the beginning of the "difficult" pig pig farm construction.

There are two problems in the construction of pig farm in rural area. The first is improper location, and the second is the unreasonable structure of pig. If not corrected in time, the growth of pigs, pig health, the economic benefits of pig farms will bring loss. Mainly reflected in:

1. Pig farms are built close to the highways. Some local construction, out of the idea of convenient to visit the study, the pig farms close to the road construction. From the technical requirements of the point of view is not possible. Pig farm is too close to the road, mainly has two disadvantages: first, because the road day and night people, traffic, logistics is too frequent, pig farms prone to infectious diseases; the other is too noisy, pigs all day, the pig growth disadvantage. The pig farm should be built 100 meters away from the highway. Pig farm site selection, should be far away from the village and animal products processing plants, less pedestrian, housing downwind or wind direction, terrain Gao, solid soil, water permeability strong, not contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms, the source of clean, water convenient place.

2. The pigsty are too short. Some pig farms are only 60 or 70 centimeters tall. Such a short wall, one is not conducive to the use of plastic shed pig, because the fence is too short, pig looked up, will touch the bad plastic film. Second, pigs will easily wall flight, to bring trouble to management. The general pig in the back wall height should be about 1.8 meters, the wall Gao Yi in about 1.3 meters.

3. There are no windows in the pigsty. Some pig farms have no windows, some have windows, but the windows are too small and the windows are too few. The main problem is summer unfavorable ventilation cooling. Generally can raise 10 pigs pig's pigsty, the rear wall needs to leave 60-70 centimeters window 4, two Hills 50-70 centimeters window two.

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