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What is a piglet incubator
Jan 26, 2018

Piglet Incubator, English is piglets conservation box. Piglet hair sparse, thin, fat, lack of their own thermostat, especially newborn piglets, the temperature changes are particularly sensitive. Winter weather cold, if not take effective heating, heat preservation measures, piglets obviously do not adapt, survival rate is very easy to fall, so winter breeding piglets must take the necessary cold insulation measures.

The appropriate temperature is the key factor to ensure the survival of piglets: 24 hours after the birth of the ambient temperature of 35℃,2~4 days for the 34℃,7 after the day of the 25~30℃, with the increase in the age of the temperature gradually decline. In order to provide a suitable living environment for newborn piglets specially designed, with heating and insulation function of the box. For the needs of vaccination and disinfection of piglets, the general requirements of the box body corrosion resistance, waterproof, and rugged, can withstand the biting and pushing the pig arch.

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