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The working principle of nursery crate
Jan 26, 2018

Incubator structure is roughly divided into four parts, 1. Main box, mainly play the role of accommodating and holding. On the side plate of the box to open a different mouth, for piglet feeding time and access, the box inside the side board, can be installed far Infrared Heating board, to the box heating. 2. Roof, open with light hole (infrared lamp heating) and observation hole, far infrared heating board can also be installed on the roof, to the box heating. 3. Floor, the general use of electric heating plate, so that piglets belly heating, to avoid the piglet diarrhea. There is a constant temperature function of the far-infrared heating plate, can make the floor temperature in 38°c. 4. Temperature controller, according to the early birthday of piglets set appropriate temperature to regulate the temperature in the box, to ensure that piglets in a comfortable environment to grow, but also played a role in energy conservation.

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