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The classification of piglet incubator
Jan 26, 2018

According to the box material division:

Insulation Type: PVC Sandwich insulation Board, organic glass fiber reinforced plastic sandwich insulation board, inorganic fiberglass, foam cement, etc.

Insulation Type: FRP, PVC, wooden box, masonry concrete and so on.

Divided by heating method:

1. Far-infrared heating plate: According to carbon fiber material after the principle of generating far infrared, using far-infrared carbon fiber heating plate as a heating material, the shell uses epoxy resin flame-retardant board, made of waterproof, corrosion-resistant heating plate. The power is hot, temperature controllable, heating up fast, high distribution density, large heating area, uniform, long service life, durable.

2. Infrared lamp: Energy conversion to infrared thermal energy, for the winter animals play a role in heat preservation. The advantage is the rapid heating in the box, the disadvantage is that the back of the piglets hot and cold abdomen, easy to cause piglet diarrhea and piglets tied stacked lying. Because the bulb is high temperature, it is easily damaged by splashing water. As piglets grow, constantly improve the height of the lamp rope to avoid burns.

Divided by combination, there are single and two Siamese incubators.

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