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Pay attention to this when building a pigsty, make money easier!
Jan 26, 2018

Avoid choosing site improperly

Some places to build pig farms, for the idea of easy to visit and study, the pig farms close to the road construction. This is mainly two adverse, one is because the road day and night people, traffic, logistics is too frequent, pig farms prone to infectious diseases, and the other is too noisy, pigs all day, the pig growth disadvantage. Selection of farm sites, it is advisable to leave the road 100m, should be far away from the village and animal products processing plants, less pedestrians, to the downwind of the housing or prayer wind direction, topography Gao, typhoon, sunny, soil when real, water permeability strong, not contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and water source clean, convenient place to fetch.

Bogey pig's configuration is poor

Pig production needs to be considered when arranging a pig farm. The public pigsty should be built in the upper part of the pig farm, not only adjacent to the Mother pig, but also keeping a certain distance. The nursing Sow house, the gestation sow shed, the breeding pig House, the reserve pigsty should be built in a little nearer to the big gate of the pig farm in order to facilitate transportation.

Bogey pigsty density too large

Some pig farmers in order to save land, reduce investment, the pig house is simple, dense, can not be scientifically rational design and layout, resulting in a large pig breeding density, easy to cause environmental pollution and pig groups of mutual infection. The distance between the pig barns is at least 8m above, the middle can grow fruit trees, trees shade in summer.

Bogey Construction Mode single

Sow shed, public pigsty, Fat Pig model have their own specific requirements, can not be built the same. For example, the sow house needs to be set up between the guard and the other pigsty. The walls of public barns need to be stronger and the walls should be taller. So, what pig to raise, it is necessary to build what pigsty.

Avoid building a pigsty without Windows (or Windows too small)

Some pig farms have no windows, some have windows, but the windows are too small, too little, summer unfavorable ventilation cooling. Under normal circumstances, can raise 10 pigs pig's pigsty, the rear wall needs to leave 60~70cm Windows 4, two Hills 50~70cm windows two.

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