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Design elements of ventilation system in childbirth shed
Jan 26, 2018

The ventilation system of childbirth shed is divided into positive pressure ventilation, negative pressure ventilation, equal pressure (or micro positive pressure) ventilation mode, and natural ventilation. Positive-pressure ventilation and equal-pressure (or micro-positive) ventilation modes apply to filtration systems, there are also negative pressure ventilation for the mode of filtration system, natural ventilation used in the traditional independent building design, the current modern pig house has been used, this paper mainly introduces the most common negative pressure mode of maternity care in the ventilation system.

In the case of non filtration negative pressure, according to the different ways of the air intake, but also divided into roof wind mode, curtain cooling roof into the wind mode, and roof plus the longitudinal wind of the joint mode of the curtain. The summer outdoor maximum temperature of northern cold region in China is not more than or slightly above 30 ℃, can adopt roof into the wind or curtain cooling roof wind mode; other summer high temperature area should adopt the combination of roof and curtain vertical wind, or curtain cooling roof Wind mode (this mode requires roofing and ceiling at the same time using thermal insulation materials, And according to the area to ensure adequate ventilation in the shed).

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